Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Month 2 for Lose For the Fuse

Month 2 tip: Try to drink at least a liter of water a day. That’s 2 16.9 oz bottles of water. Drink more if you are sweating. I drink about 2 liters a day. 1 during work-outs and 1 rest of the day.

Jan 29-Feb26

Week 1: I’m jogging about 5 miles in 30 min. My Biggest Loser work out has been upgraded to moderate instead of light. Oh, boy jumping jacks and jump rope. Oh goodie! Not I hate doing these things, but I’ll get through them. My allotted calorie intake is 1568. My average jog is 4.98 miles. I lost 2.2 pounds!

Week 2: I jogging about 5.274 miles on average this week. I added 18 min of Wii boxing 2 days a week. I love boxing! I wish we had a place that I could put up a punching bag, but the Wii will have to do. I lost 2.2 pounds! Mon Feb 8 I jogged 5.832 miles. I was irritated that morning. I wish I could get irritated like that every morning; I’d be ready for a marathon in no time.

Week 3: My average jog this week is 5.043 miles. I lost 1.1 pounds. This week was hard, with my birthday and Valentines Day. Lots of chocolate! Mmm chocolate! My motivation was not there this week either. May be next week will be better.

Week 4: My average jog this week is 5.144 miles. I didn’t box this week. Still not much motivation. I lost 1.5 pounds.

So the grand total of pounds for this month is: 7 pounds, not my goal of 11 but I’m happy with it. So with last month’s and this month’s total, I’ve lost 15.8 pounds. Only 59.2 pounds to go! I’m only .5 pound off my monthly average goal.

I’m now getting rid of most of my 14 size jeans, and replacing them with size 13, soon to be 12. I love Goodwill! But man is it hard to find size 13 jeans there. Last night I bought a pair of 12s just because there were no 13s.

On Feb 8 I blew away my jogging goal of 5.5 miles so at least I met one goal!

My March goal is similar to Feb.’s goal. Jogging 5.5 miles in 30 minutes at least 2 times this month. My weight goal is to lose 10 pounds.

Come back around April 1 to see how I’ve done.

Stay healthy and happy,