Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Rape of Innocence

Here is my first book review at MNM: The Rape of Innocence by Lacresha Hayes. But first let me tell you about Lacresha. She and I are members of the same writing critique group. I would have to say she is one of my closest online friends. I plan to meet her some day, so I can give her a huge hug. She is a wife and a mother plus a preacher, author and co-president of a publishing company. She and her husband have a ministry to married couples. I could go on…but I won’t. After reading the rest of this post, if you would like to know more about Lacresha Hayes and her many ministries I will post some links at the end.

Now my review: “Lacresha has written an honest look into her life, to help others deal with very hard issues. Reading this book, for me, was like looking in a mirror. Her story is mine and my mother's story, all wrapped into one heart-breaking story. Forgiveness runs deep in this book; Forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self. There were times, I had to put the book down and cry. It really just hit home. Thank you, Lacresha, for opening your heart and helping those of us who still need to heal.”

You might ask why this book hit me so hard. Well, at the age of nine I was molested. The “who” and the “where” are really unimportant, but I was. And I’m in that slow process of forgiving. There are days I’m fine and then there are days that I would love to see this person and scream “Do you have any idea what you did to me?”
My mother was molested by her father and uncle and was put in foster care at age four along with my aunt who was two. Then when she and my aunt were teens they were both raped by some of their foster brothers. My aunt has past away, so I can’t speak for her, but I know my mother has, in her own way, forgiven those who hurt her.
At one point in the book Lacresha is talking about her relationship with her father. When I read this chapter I was sitting in a V.A. hospital, where my father-in-law was having eye surgery. I just started crying! My husband came over and asked what was wrong. I handed him the book and told him to read this one paragraph. When he was done I said, “That is exactly how I feel.” I don’t think I could have written it any better!

If you or someone you know has been raped or molested this book is a must read.

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What do my son Erick and Donald Trump have in common?

Give up? “You’re fired!” Okay we all know the Donald is famous for saying this on his TV show, but what you don’t know is this: Way before the show, Erick would say “You’re fired!” if he was mad at you or he didn’t like what you said. The first time he said it, I had scolded him about something. I had sent him to the “time out” chair. He turned around and looked at me with total disgust and said “You’re fired!” with more emotion than Don could ever muster. When Erick got older, and the show was a big thing, I told him, “I wish we would have copyrighted ‘You’re fired!’” “Why, Momma?” “’Cause if we would’ve, we’d be rich.” “Oh, you mean, because of the guy on TV with the silly hair?” “Yup, because of him.” Has your child ever said something you wished that you would have copyrighted? Let me know about it! Post them in the comments section.

Okay Why “Missy”?

I have many names and nicknames. “Missy” happens to be one. My son Christopher couldn’t have been more than 8. In his best grown-up voice he was giving me a lecture about something. When he realized I wasn’t paying much attention he said, with his hands on his hips, and I quote , “You’d better listen to me, Missy, or you’re going to be in big trouble!” I lost it! I started laughing so hard I almost cried. “Missy” has stuck with me since then. Does anyone else have a funny story about a nickname? I’d love to hear it! Post stories in the comments section.