Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 9

outside of My Heart's Home
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The house is not real far from the Haiti Home Depot. We went up the worst dirt road ever, around a sharp corner, and up some more. The road is more like a very rocky two-track.
The house is HUGE!

In this pic are the table and benches we made while there.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 9

Haitian art dealer
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Traveling through the business district was awesome! Eddie said a lot of the women sell their used clothing to make $ to support their families. I wanted to get out and shop but we kept moving. We past many Haitian art dealers.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 8

man fixing road
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I saw a few men repairing some potholes with rubble from the quake!

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 7

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After we left the mattress factory, we went to the store for water. Libby, Gerald, Eddie’s daughter, and I stayed in the car. Poor Steve was still out in the trailer, baking in the sun! After the grocery store, we had one more stop…the Haitian version of Home Depot. This place too had armed guards. I saw many U.N. soldiers.

We have nothing to complain about, when it comes to the roads in the States. Haitian roads are very bad. IDK if it is from the quake or if they were always like that.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 6

libby & edy's daughter @ matteress factory
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By this time we had picked up Eddie’s daughter from school. She’s eight and will be on summer break soon. The earth quake delayed school for a few months. This is Libby March playing with her at the mattress factory.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 5

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The mattress factory was in the same compound as the local scrap yard. It was a locked facility with armed guards. As we drove in, two large trucks, one on each side passed us. I could have touched the truck on my side, just by reaching out the window just a few inches. Gerald laughed when I said, “WOW!”

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 4

road traffic
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cars trying to get in your spot. At least you never go every fast!

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 4

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Steve rode is Eddy’s trailer, which is only a little bigger than our 4-wheeler trailer. Haitian traffic is INSANE! More controlled chaos! People riding in or on tap-taps

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 3

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We had to wait for Pastor Ron, Steve, and Eddie. The propane guy wouldn’t take US $ only Haiti. This man is carrying what I assume is all of his belongings.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 2

tent comm by airprt
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As you can see they are so close together. There is very little room to walk between the tents.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 1

tent comm by airport
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We arrived in Haiti around 10:00 am. Eddie picked us up. He could only take 4 of us plus the luggage. So Lonna, Ciera, Lonnie, and Peggy went with the luggage. Pastor Ron, Libby, Steve, Gerald, and I waited for Eddie to back and pick us up. The airport in Port Au Prince is a busy, BUSY place! Nothing like the airports in the State: it’s small and controlled chaos! (more chaos not so much control!)
Baggage pick up is “every man for himself!” There are no carousels! The luggage goes from the plane to the back of a truck. Then it’s driven to the airport and unloaded onto the floor. 100’s of people picking through luggage on the floor.
Outside the airport is almost as chaotic and even less control. There are men who push their way to you so they can push your luggage carts. “I help you”.
We waited for what seemed like forever. Eddie finally came. We had to go shopping for the matteresses the 9 of us were to sleep, and a few other things.
Just as we were leaving the airport there is a tent community.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Haiti Adventure Day 1

Sunday Aug. 8

We left Mt. Pleasant around 2:30 am. I road in Pastor Ron’s car with 4 guys, 3 of which I’ve never met. It was an interesting ride to Detroit. All they talked about was cars, assembly line work…oh and we did some Bible trivia as we approached the airport.

At the airport we weighed our luggage. Some of which was over weight. The weight limit was 50 pounds, so Lonna took charge and took a few things out of the over weight bags and added them to my under weight bag.
Then because our layover was more than 12 hours, we had to PAY for our checked luggage. I only had one bag so I only paid $35. I sat with Libby on the plane to Miami. She is a photo journalist/CMU student. Check out her blog to see more Haiti pics. http://www.libbymarch.blogspot.com

The flight was uneventful. When we got to the Miami airport it was controled chaos. We didn’t have reservations for a hotel room, so those who had brought laptops and cell phones searched for hotels. One was finally found. Then we had to load all 750 pounds of luggage on to a shuttle bus.

BTW it was raining in Miami. Haven’t seen much of SUNNY Miami.

At the hotel we have to wait for our rooms so we go to Bennigan’s for lunch. After checking into our rooms. We, five girls, crash. I don’t think we will make it to the beach, but the hotel has an out door pool. Maybe if it stops storming we can so swimming! It is a bit humid, but not bad!

Lord, I pray for our team. I pray for good, sound rest tonight. Father I pray that You will protect us as we travel to Haiti in the morning. Father, I also pray that we keep giving each other grace and have patience with each other.

Father, please protect Jamie, Erick, and Topher. 10 days is really not THAT long! Father…one last thing…I pray that I will not only connect with staff and children, but also the team. Libby and I seem to have been placed together for whatever purpose You have chosen. I think I have connected with her the most so far.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The importance of good punctuation.

Today is Friday so you know what that means: it's Writer's Friday. This is a funny post that was given to me a few years ago by a writer friend of mine. I hope you enjoy!

Dear John:
I want a man who knows what love is all about. You are generous, kind, thoughtful. People who are not like you admit to being useless and inferior. You have ruined me for other men. I yearn for you. I have no feelings whatsoever when we're apart. I can be forever happy--will you let me be yours?

Dear John:
I want a man who knows what love is. All about you are generous, kind, thoughtful people, who are not like you.
Admit to being useless and inferior. You have ruined me. For other men, I yearn. For you, I have no feelings whatsoever.
When we're apart, I can be forever happy. Will you let me be?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Baacckk!

Did you miss me? I didn't think so! :0) I've been gone for about 1 week. I'll be gone again next week, if all things go as planned. Going camping on or near Lake Superior for the week.

The reason I was gone last week is computer related. Thurday I was typing and my laptop's screen went black. could barely make out the icons. So Erick (my 15 year old) hooked the laptop up to the tv so I could at least finish what I was doing. Well the s-video port on the laptop didn't work and we didn't have a monitor to hook it up to. Jamie got home from work and I told him what had happened. We were going new laptop looking anyway.

We found one I liked and of course my husband has to go to every place in town that sells computers before we go back to the first place and get the first computer. :0)

The only bad thing about this computer is it has no phone jack. (I live in the sticks where the only online option is dial up). So the store that we bought the computer at had a USB Modem FOR $60. We figured we could find it cheaper somewhere else. This was last Thursday.

Yesterday I was finally able to go get a USB Modem, and I found it at two other places and they were both about 1/2 the price as the store we bought my laptop at. So I'm back online and loving my new laptop.

I will be posting tomorrow for Writer's Friday. Not sure about next week, yet. If I go camping I've already been informed that it is a "no electronics" camping trip. I should find out tonight.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Haughty Attitude

Isaiah 2:6-4:6

This section in Isaiah talks about Judah and Jerusalem’s prideful and haughty attitudes. Sometimes we have this same attitude. You see a small group of elementary aged children sitting in front of you at church. They are snickering and clearly not listening to the worship service. You think, “Where are their parents?” or “I’m glad my kids don’t act like that.”

You are passing judgment on someone else, when in reality your kids at some point have acted like that. I know mine have!

I struggle with this attitude more often than I really care to admit. I have been a Christian for almost 15 years. The church I’m a member of has several new (with in the last 12 months) Christians and some who have been Christians longer than I have been alive. Most of them at times seem immature in their walk. But then I think who am I to judge them, that’s between them and God.

The Lord will humble the proud and haughty attitudes in us (2:11-12). Usually He does this by showing us what our attitudes look like, by turning the tables on us. I don’t like being on the receiving end of judgment. Do you?

Run to the ROCK! The more you cling to Him the less likely you are to suffer from this attitude.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thin Places by Mary DeMuth review

Book review Monday is here. The book is Thin Places by Mary DeMuth.

This is a very open and honest look into the life of Mary DeMuth. The chapter titled “Marked” touched me the most. Instead of running from the mark, as Mary did, I embraced it. That was how I felt loved. That is until I met my now husband and Jesus. They have become my safe havens.

It is still hard for me to trust people, but I AM healing. This book lets you know that it’s okay to have issues. You don’t have to have it all together, for God to love you. He will love you and heal you no matter the issue.

Friday, June 25, 2010

What the heck does Showing Vs Telling mean? And how can I tell when I’m telling when I should be showing?

It's Writer's Friday. So Write right, today!

I struggle with this. Honestly I think most writers do, to some degree. What I understand is that universal emotions shouldn’t be told. We should show how the character reacts to their feelings. We all feel nervous, sad, happy, or angry. These are universal emotions, everyone has them. But we all react differently to those emotions.

If a writer just tells you a character is angry, that’s boring and uninteresting. We’re reading the story. We see what caused him to be angry. Someone ran into his brand new sports car. I’d be angry too! More interesting is how he reacts to seeing his dream car smashed. Does he jump out of the car yelling and cursing? Does he calmly and methodically take out a gun and shoot the offender? Or does he just sit there and cry?

Even in a first person narrative the character knows he’s angry. It’s more interesting for him to show what he is feeling or what he’s thinking, instead of saying “I was angry!”

Showing applies to descriptions and relationships too. It’s boring to hear that someone was ugly. What makes them ugly? Show it! It’s boring to hear that two people are close. How are they close? What do they do together? Show it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Through the Motions

Isaiah 1:2, 10-20

Judah had rebelled against God (1:2). What did they do? They were just going through the motions…and God was tired of it (1:14-15). He wouldn’t even listen to their prayers (1:15).

They were still meeting, sacrificing, and giving, but their hearts weren’t in it. Apparently, they weren’t taking care of their poor and needy (1:17). God’s chastisement was to make the nation suffer (1:5-7).
God is very clear on how to end the suffering. You have to be willing and obedient (1:19).

If we as Christians forget our needy we are no different from Judah of the Old Testament. God will chastise us.

Read James 1:27

Read Zechariah 7 to see what God did to those who didn’t care for the needy.

Need some suggestions:
1) Visit or call a widow.
2) Secretly pay a bill for a widow or single parent.
3) Take a single parent’s children to the park for the afternoon.
4) Write an encouraging note.
5) Sponsor an orphan over seas.
6) Become a foster parent.
7) Adopt .
8) Help an organization that helps orphans/widows.
The list of possibilities is endless! Be creative!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Symmetry by Joyce Sterling Scarbrough

Today is book review Monday! I first met Joyce Sterling Scarbrough in a writer's group we both belong to. Now She is one of my Diva sisters! This review is for her lastest book Symmetry. Look for more info on Joyce at the end of this post! Enjoy!

Symmetry is about Jess and her realization that she has trichotillomania, her pending divorce, and her relationship with family. This book touched a nerve in me. I know second hand how it feels to be “different”. My oldest son has been diagnosed with A.D.H.D, with possible Asperger’s Syndrome, and there are days when I think he has O.C.D. I love the characters and the drama of this book. It is an excellent read! I love how this book brings awareness to those who are “different” or might be labeled “freaks”.

You can learn more about Joyce and purchase her books at: http://www.lldreamspell.com/JoyceScarbrough.htm

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Problem in Galatia

Galatians 1:6-7~I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel-not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ.

The basic gospel found in Scripture can be understood by even the most uneducated person. There are portions of Scripture that are hard to understand because they were written in a different time and in a different culture. Sometimes it is easier to understand these portions if we understand why they were written in the first place.

Galatians 1:6-7 clearly explains why Paul wrote the letter to the Galatians. The churches of Galatia were “turning to a different gospel”, a false gospel, while Paul was gone. So they needed correcting, thus the letter. Paul knew that if the churches in Galatia didn’t get the gospel right, it would be a spiritual death sentence for them. So Paul wrote this letter to reaffirm the simple truth of the gospel that he had taught them previously and to call out the false teachers.
Back in verse 4, Paul states the gospel as plainly as can be. That’s it, there’s nothing more to it! I can see why he was “astonished.” What he taught them all boils down to what he said in this verse.

The Galatians were not only “turning to a different gospel” but they were “deserting him who called them”. God called them to believe and they were turning their backs to Him.

Let us as Christians be careful to not allow false teachers to confuse us. The only way to do that is to be grounded in Scripture. Read 1 Timothy 4:1-10. Check out Jeremiah 28 to find out what God did to a false teacher. Church leaders please read Acts 20:28-35.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today I am going to share with you my review of Tangled by Lacresha Hayes. This is the latest book about by Larcesha. The book is available on Amazon and through Lacresha's many websites, blogs, and Facebook pages. If you are interested in finding out more about her and her ministries I will have contact info at the end of the post.

Tangled by Lacresha Hayes.

WOW! I loved this book! I hope Lacresha will write a sequel! Without giving too much away, Shannon is still in love with Derek, her husband, but Brian is back in her life. Who will she choose? You will have to read the book to find out. Watch Shannon struggle with God, herself and just life in general. You really should read this book.

You can check out Lacresha at Lacreshahayes.com, Learntofeelpretty.blogspot.com, Therapeofinnocence.blogspot.com or friend her on Facebook at Facebook.com/lacreshahayes

Friday, June 11, 2010

Your Character is a Failure!

Your protagonist has to fail. You need to show that she isn’t perfect. We aren’t perfect, so neither should our characters be. Perfect characters make for uninteresting stories.
When you create your characters create a small place in them where they hide their deepest, darkest secrets, desires and the feelings they don’t want to deal with. Now fill that place with the wickedness of their heart.
We all know about that, so this should be easy. Really it should, but it isn’t as easy as we might think. When creating well rounded characters, the author has to dig deep into themselves. Not always a pretty picture, but it can be a very healing experience.
Now pile on the character’s strongest weakness, until everything starts to shove against her. The she will have three choices. 1) She can choose to give up and fail. 2) She can choose to live up to her own expectations of herself. Or 3) she can answer the call for greatness, and do the right thing.
The stench of the filth of her wretchedness begins to invade her seemingly perfect life. It will upset the apple cart of how she sees herself, and force her to face her true self. This is how the reader knows she is real. Readers can relate to imperfection, and inner struggle. They will root her on and what her to have victory.
Someone shared this example with me: “Consider Woody in Toy Story. He enjoyed being the leader of Andy’s toys. He saw himself as the best until Buzz Lightyear came along. Then layer upon layer is pulled off Woody, until we see him (and he sees himself) for what he truly is. But we still love him. We want him to come out of the hovel of Sid’s room, a better toy, no longer driven by jealousy and pride. The story becomes more than just about two toys finding their way back to their own. The story really becomes one about someone learning to accept who he is and overcome it with greater and stronger character traits.”

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Healthy Tips For Eating Out

You Can Eat Healthy When Eating Out. Tips to remember when you’re eating out.

1) Ask for water or order fat-free or low-fat milk, unsweetened tea, or other drinks with no added sugars. Forget the pops and juices. They’re loaded in added sugar.

2) If you are ordering a sandwich, ask for whole wheat bread. It is better for you and white bread has a lot of sugar in it.

3) Start your meal with a salad or broth soup. You will feel fuller sooner.

4) Ask for salad dressing on the side. This way you can control how much you use.

5) Choose main dishes that include veggies. Then eat those veggies first. You will feel fuller and be less likely to over do it on the starchy and protein foods.

6) Order foods that are steamed, grilled, or broiled over those that are fried or sautéed. If you don’t know how things are prepared, ask your server, that is what they are there for.

7) Choose small or medium portions. This includes main dishes, sides and drinks.

8) Order foods that don’t have creamy sauces or gravies. There are lots of calories, fats and sugars in them.

9) Add little or no butter to your food.

10) If the main portions are too large for you: share with a friend or ask for a “doggy bag” right away. This will help you from overeating.

11) On long commutes or shopping trips, pack some healthy snacks, like fresh fruit, cut-up veggies, low-fat string cheese, or a handful of unsalted nuts. This will help you avoid the sweet or fatty snacks on the go.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


2 Corinthians 1:3-4 & 2:7-8

God has allowed us to suffer and hurt for a purpose; that we may be able to help others who are suffering. People, will at some point, hurt us; whether it is physically or emotionally it will happen.

Someone close to me struggles with a very specific sin issue. (I do too, but on a different level.) In the summer of 2008 this issue go tout of control, to the point of this person needing to seek professional help.

At the peak I was so angry with this person. I couldn’t even look at them. This person’s actions made me physically ill. After a day or two, I saw that I needed to forgive. I knew I needed to, but with in a few more days I saw the “excessive sorrow,” Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians 2:7. I forgave and made sure this person knew 100% without a doubt, that I still loved them. Now that I have gone through this issue, I am able to help others who are going through it now.

Are you hurting? If not you will be. So when it happens, trust the Lord. Forgive them and show them you still love them.

Monday, June 7, 2010


This prayer is based on Psalm 104.

They are fools, to say “I don’t believe in God anymore.” That is a very foolish thing to say! They say “there is no evidence”. All they have to do is look around. The very air we breathe is a gift and a miracle. The grass we walk on, the tides, seasons, moon, sun, and stars are all miracles from you. Lord I don’t understand how they can deny your existence, when the world around them screams with proof of you.
Lord, may my thinking and life be pleasing to you. You are my Master and Creator. Mold me to do your will.

Your humble maid-servant

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tighten up Your Writing!

Today is Writer's Friday! Here are 8 thing that will make your writing better.

1)Get rid of as many adverbs as possible, especially the “ly” words. What is an adverb? It is a word that tells more about a verb, adjective, or another adverb. It tells “how”, “where”, “when” or “to what extent”. Examples of adverbs are: “quietly”, “sometimes”, “very”, “too”. Are these words necessary in your writing?

2)Get rid of adjectives. Just like adverbs, adjectives are over used. Often two or three are used, when one or none are needed. What is an adjective? It is a word that tells more about a noun or pronoun. It tells “what kind” “how many” or “which one”. Examples are “this”, “that” “good-looking”, “Irish”, “beautiful”. Are you using too many adjectives?

3)Be aware of “ing” words. They can make you sentences cluttered and wordy. Ask yourself these questions: Do I really need it? Can I make the verb simpler by getting rid of the “ing”? If so does it change the meaning? Does the sentence move quicker and smoother without the “ing”? Can I eliminate the phrase with the “ing” in it?

4)Get rid of any unnecessary back-story. Does the reader really need to know this? Is it relevant to the story? If not get rid of it!

5)Get rid of passages that tell the reader what they already know. No need to be redundant!

6)Get rid of passages that are overly descriptive. Readers don’t need to know the exact dimensions of a room or the exact description of a character.

7)Get rid of or edit passages that describe the character’s thoughts and feelings in too much detail. Example: long sections of internal dialogue or long narratives.

8)Get rid of passive voice when active voice will work better. What is active voice? What is passive voice? In Active voice the subject of the sentence is actually doing something. Example: Brenna hugged Scott. Brenna is doing something to Scott. In passive voice the recipient of the action is moved to the position of the subject. Example: Scott is hugged by Brenna. Scott becomes the subject, but he isn’t doing anything. He is receiving a hug from Brenna.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How content am I, really?

Philippians 4:11- Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.

Learning to be content is not an over night learning experience. Even now after being a Christian for over 15 years, God still has to remind me about contentment.

Whether finances, location, whatever the issue we are to be content. I had thought I was content. But looking back I see I really wasn’t. For a long time I wanted to sell our house and move to Uganda, Africa, and start an orphanage. I wasn’t content with living in Michigan, close to family and friends. I wanted with every ounce of passion, to live on the other side of the globe. Notice I said “I”. Jamie (my husband) didn’t. He said that was my dream not his. No matter how much I cried, pleaded or prayed his attitude didn’t change. Finally I took a different approach. I prayed that the Lord would either change Jamie or me. He did. He changed me! Africa is no longer my desire. I don’t long to go. I would still love to go and serve but only short term.

My heart still aches for what is going on in that country, but my heart isn’t wholly in it. I still have a strong passion for orphans, but the Lord will show me where and when and even if. I am content for now. Or am I really? Are you?

Friday, May 28, 2010

What’s keeping you?

Fridays here at MNM will be Writing Fridays, for awhile. So for those who don't write, please bear with me.

Here are ten conquerors, deterrents, and defeaters of writing, and ten simple ways to defeat them.

1) New Toys: It looks like new ideas and projects. This conqueror has held me captive a few times, but no more! I have many ideas, but little time. I’ve made a “writing schedule”. On Monday I work on one project, Tuesday another, all through the week; working at least two hours on each project each week, until the projects are complete. Then I make another schedule and follow the process through.

2) No Deadline: “You have all the time in the world to write,” this defeater will say. If you have no deadline, make one. Make a goal and work to achieve it. You will feel so much better about yourself. Example: I know some writers who set daily word count goals. Write 500-1000 words a day. You’ll have your story complete in no time!

3) Inner Critic: He/she can be very harsh, or can be gentle and kind, depending on the day. Some days he/she can have some really good advice, but more of the time, just ignore what she/he says. We tend to be too hard on ourselves, when it comes to our writing.

4) Lack of confidence: This deterrent will whisper “Whatever made you think, you could write a book?” Honestly, who does this sound like? That voice is not coming from the One who called you and who had Paul write Philippians 4:13. This deterrent is evil, and will, if not locked away, destroy a writer.

5) What are the Odds: This looks similar to the last one, but a bit more localized. The odds are stacked against you, but a great book will sell. So who better to write that book, than you!

6) A Collapsing Story: It happens! Nothing is working right in the story! Just keep writing! Push through it! That’s why we have rewrites. One of the books I’m working on is on rewrite number three!

7) Finances: You may have to go get a “real job” to pay the bills. Don’t fret! If you seriously write one hour a day, one short hour, you will be writing more than one book a year.

8) Genre Pain: You are working on an “Amish” novel, but your friends start hacking on the “Amish” flood of books on the market. The type of writing (genre) doesn’t matter, the quality of the writing does! Don’t second guess yourself! There may be a lot of those types of books out there, but none will be like yours. Which leads us to:

9) Competition: You are still working on that “Plain folk” novel. There are lots of these types of novels out there, but like I said before, no one will be telling your story.

10) On the flip side of this is Market Chasing: If you are writing the “Amish” novel, just because that’s what’s popular, your heart won’t be in it. Or if you are writing “Chick Lit.” and someone says “Chick Lit” is dead. Don’t buy into that! If your story is stellar you will get published. So write from the heart, not what is popular, just for the sake of popularity.

I borrowed this idea from another blog, but made it my own.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What do you think?

Philippians 4:8: Finally, brother, whatever is true whatever is honorable, what ever is just whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise think about these things.

About a year or so ago our pastor put something on the back of the bulletin that I cut out. It hangs on the refrigerator. It reads: “Watch you thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”
That is so true! How many times do we think about something, so much, that we act on those thoughts; good or bad. If we repeat those actions, over and over, they become habit. We are known by our reputations. If we have picked up the habit of lying, we are known to be liars. If we have the habit of helping when there is a need, we are known for our generosity.
Let’s make sure our reputations are good ones, by thinking about the things in Philippians 4:8

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graciously Salted Editing

Some of you already know about this, but some may not. I am venturing on a new trek. I am starting an editing business, on top of my writing, mothering and the like. You might think I’m crazy but I don’t think so. Below is the story of how this came to be.

Jamie wants to changes occupations. He wants to go to school for Physical Therapy. But we are a one income family. Either he will have to work and go to school, which his current job is so demanding, that is almost impossible. Or I get a job. His idea was for me to go through CNA classes. My mother was a nurse’s aid before they had to be certified. I know what they have to deal with. Not for me. Jamie’s next idea was for me to go through Phlebotomy classes. (A phlebotomist is someone who draws your blood) I could do this, but I wouldn’t like it all that much. At that same time I was given a children’s story to look over, because I will be using it for teaching in Haiti. I found a few editing mistakes. Two days after that I read Colossians 4. I woke up that night, with verse 6 racing through my half awake mind. “Okay Lord, what are you telling me?” “Let your speech always be Gracious, seasoned with Salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” That verse kept repeating over and over in my head. I knew I had read it that morning, but as I read it I skimmed over it. Finally the Lord showed me an editing service was what He was telling me. So I struggled with either Graciously Salted or Graciously Seasoned. I chose Salted. Then I was given a novel to read for a friend. As I read I took the liberty to edit the novel. Just for practice. I emailed my dear friend and asked if it was okay if I sent her my edits. She took them and looked over them and said she would make those changes. Cre I guess you were my first client! :0)

I am in the middle of week 2 of this new adventure. I have a FB page called Graciously Salted Editing if you all want to look me up. On the page I explain my rates and stuff like that. I will accept any form of work; novel, short story, term paper, etc. I am giving this business to the Lord. He created it. He owns it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mothers, listen to the Lord, He understands!

“Children have I reared and brought up but they have rebelled against me.” (Isaiah 1:2)

How many times a day do you, as a parent, say, “don’t do that or this”? Then you turn around and see your child doing what you just said not to do. I thought it was bad when my boys were toddlers. They would do what I told them not to do. They would do it where I could see them. Now that they are teens, they have learned to do whatever it is, in secret.

My family loves the Lord of the Rings movies/books. There is a spot in the third movie where Sam & Gollum are having a discussion. Sam asks, “So what were you doing, anyway?” Gollum’s reply is, “Sneaking.” My youngest son can imitate this almost perfectly. He is also the sneakiest of my two children.

The Lord knows how it feels to have children rebel against you. We are His children. How many times do we rebel, just like our children? “Cease to do evil, learn to do good…” Isaiah 1:17 Isn’t this what we want our kids to learn: stop doing what is wrong, to make right choices, and to help those who can’t help themselves? They can’t learn these things unless we teach them. But we’ll be ineffective in our teaching if we don’t practice what we preach or teach. It starts with a choice: we either choose to do evil or we choose to do what is right. What do you choose?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let the Children come Volume 1

First of all, I chose to call this newsletter/update “Let the Children Come”, because of Matthew 19:14. How can the children of Haiti come to Jesus, when they are starving and have no safe place to sleep? In the verse I just referenced, Jesus goes on to say “do not hinder them…” Right now most of them are hindered, because of their circumstances. A starving child can’t physically listen to you teach the Gospel. My prayer for my trip is that the Lord will help me to alleviate some of their suffering, and then teach them. I plan to love those children, like a momma should.

Some of the team that will be traveling with me to Haiti will be staying and ministering in the tent community of Sous Savanne, a village of about 300 families. Despite the millions of dollars and aid sent to Haiti, this group of weary people has received very little help. They live under bent sticks and torn bed sheets. They've not had luxury items like soap or toothpaste since the quake, until just recently.

My funding right now is $787, about 71.5%. Only about $325 to go!

Here are some Prayer requests:
1) Health and safety for my team.
2) That we can reach the Haitian people for Christ
3) That we learn from the Haitian people.
4) Funds and supplies needed to help Sous Savanne

Needed Items:
Soaps, good used or new tents, tarps, clothing, blankets, baby bottles, canvas cots, Rain ponchos, Children’s raincoats

If you can help in some way please let me know! If you would like to see pictures please visit http://heartcryinternational.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You Are Unique!

…But when they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding.- 2 Corinthians 10:12

How often as parents, do we compare our children. Notice I said “we”. I know I do this more than I should. Or…how many times do we compare ourselves to someone else? We want some quality they seem to have. “Oh, I wish I had her looks,” or “Man, I wish I could write like this person or that.” 2 Corinthians 10:12 says when we compare ourselves to someone else we are without understanding. God created us to be unique and different in some way. Each of us has something special in us that make us who we are.

We need to stop comparing and start praising God for our uniqueness!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lose for the Fuse update!

Hey all,
I haven't post for this in a while, so here is an update. Basically, I've been slacking. No excuses! Okay maybe a few. I have been sick off and on for the last 2 weeks. Nothing too serious, just flu and allergies. I am still counting calories, but just not as strickly as before. I am at 182 right now.

I do plan, after Memorial Day, to get my butt(literally)back on a routine.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Chrishawn Simpson

I'm honored for having a wonderful guest blogger, today. Chrishawn Simpson is here to talk about her book Transform Your Path. Please welcome Chrishawn.

God's Role in Your Transformation Process

God's role plays an intricate part in your transformation process. He has a unique plan for you. A plan that is strictly yours and only you can fulfill. You need to have the guidance of God to help you transform to the highest of your ability. You need God to open your eyes and see the plan He has laid out for you.

Sometimes, we as fleshly people, take it upon ourselves to fix our lives without the help of our Spiritual Father. He wants to help. He wants to show you what He has in store for you. You have to release yourself to Him. You have to give Him full control and let Him work through you. That's what He wants to do and that's why He created you - to live out His divine purpose through His divine plan through you.

It only takes a willing spirit, a trusting heart, and an unwavering faithfulness to Him. He plays a necessary role in your transformation process. He created you, He knows your innermost being; so why not let the person that created you HELP you? It's simple. Let Him guide you the whole way. If you let Him guide you then you will see such a transformation that you won't even be able to recognize. He will help you to overcome those obstacles that you felt you couldn't overcome, He will show you things that you never thought of before. He will show you how to get your mind right, He will show you the things you need to change in your life and the things you need to take out of your life. He will make a difference and you will be so grateful.

I urge you to let God take control. Let Him have His way with you. You won't regret it. Now, I'm not saying things will be perfect and things will happen quickly; I'm saying let God do His work and see how things transform in your life - in His time, if it's His will.

The Transform Your Path book uses the guidance of God and His words (scriptures) to help you to become the person your were created to be. The book is God-breathed and inspiring.

You can learn more about God's role in your transformation process and how to effectively transform your path, in the author, Chrishawn E. Simpson's book, Transform Your Path, which can be purchased at www.TransformYourPath.com. Transformation is a wonderful process and in this 16-chapter revolutionary book, you will get 21 exercises that will challenge you to your very core and make you face reality - which sometimes isn't pretty; but is very necessary for change to begin. Once you complete this guide, you will be strengthened, alive, and whole. You will be TRANSFORMED!

About the Author:

Chrishawn Simpson is the founder of the revolutionary, life-changing program, Transform Your Path. She uses proven techniques to help you overcome your obstacles, tackle your shadows, and challenge your core beliefs, all for the sake of leading a life filled with purpose, passion, joy, and fulfillment. Check out her website at www.TransformYourPath.com for more information and to purchase the book.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Haiti trip part 1

My trip is still about 3 months away, but it has already become an adventure. It all started when I couldn’t find my birth certificate. I tore my house upside-down trying to find it. I found both my sons’ and my husband’s but not mine.

I went to the county court house, to get a copy for $10. When I got there the clerk couldn’t find me. Finally she asked me a very personal question. I could tell she really didn’t want to ask, but had to. Her question was “Were your parents married at the time of your birth?” My answer “No,” I thought to myself “why should that matter?” She told me that in the 1970’s and early 1980’s if parents weren’t married, the birth certificate didn’t get filed with the county clerk. And that I would have to go through the State. She handed me a business card with a phone number and a website.

I called the phone number. Of course I never talked to any one. It was all automated. As I listened to the recording I learned that this was going to cost more than $10. For $26 I could get my birth certificate in 6 weeks. For another $10 the State would send it in 4 weeks.

I got on the website on the card. For $44.50 I could have it in 2 two weeks. So I started to fill out the online forms. Half way through I lost my internet connection. I had just entered my credit card #. So I wasn’t sure if the order went through. I called the first thing the next morning. It had not gone through. So back on the internet I went. I filled out all of the forms this time, but their server couldn’t verify that it was me who was requesting my birth certificate. So I had to fill out a paper form and upload it to their server. I tried this 4 times and all 4 times their server wouldn’t accept it for some reason. I called my husband at work, frustrated because it shouldn’t be this hard! He said he would fax the form for me in the morning. He did.

I got the birth certificate this morning in the mail.

Hold Your Fear Captive

…They will take captive those who were their captors, and rule over those who oppressed them. –Isaiah 14:2

We are sometimes held captive by our fears. Let’s look at some: how about fear of parenting your kids wrong, or fear of your child/children being hurt. My favorite is the fear of what others think. I know others who have a fear of health issues and still others who fear the future. I could go on, but I won’t.

The Lord of Hosts is mustering a host for battle. -Isaiah 13:4.
How can we be part of the “host for battle” if we are captive or enslaved by our fears? We can’t! The answer lies in 14:2 of Isaiah. We must take captive those fears that were our captors. We must rule over them.

Right behind fear is worry, waiting to capture us. The only way to capture our captors is to let go of them. Lay them at the cross. Leave them there! Don’t pick them up! No matter what they are Jesus can handle them!

Friday, April 9, 2010

You are not too young!

But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am only a youth’, for to all whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak.”-Jeremiah 1:7

God has a purpose even for young people. He knew you before you were born. He designed you for a purpose.

Before you say “I’m just a kid or I’m only a teenager. How can God use me?” let’s look at some young people in the Bible who God used.

First there is Joseph. He was a young teen when his brothers sold him into slavery. God used him even in his youth. Soon he became the second in command of Egypt. His story begins in Genesis 37.

Next there is Samuel. God was using him even before he was born. Read 1Samuel 1.

Then there was David. As a teen/young man fought and killed a Philistine giant. He also wrote many of the Psalms as a young man. Read 1 Samuel chapter 16 through chapter 18.

Fourth there was Josiah, who became king of Judah at age 8. Check out 2 Kings chapter 22.

Then there was Daniel and his friends. The four of them were used mightily by God, as teens. Look up Daniel chapter 1.

We finally come to Jeremiah. Even though he was young, God chose him to be a prophet at a young age. God even told him not to say “I can’t, because I’m too young.” Read
Jeremiah chapter 1.

So remember, you are never too young to be used by God. You just have to be willing.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two Roads

Be careful to obey all the commands I give you; show love to the Lord your God by walking in His ways and clinging to Him.-Deut. 11:22

There is a famous poem that talks about two roads. In life there are two roads also. I think Mr. Frost was referring to these two roads.

One is well worn, from lots of travel of many travelers; smooth and safe looking. You will see many of the travelers. What you don’t see is the regret and guilt most travels of this road have. This road leads away from God; away from His perfect will for your life.

The other road in life is less traveled, just like the road in the poem. It looks hard, long, and deserted. You may see a few people, but not very many, comparatively. Along the way you will find many blessings and see many miracles. This road leads to the One, who knows what’s best for you.

If you find yourself traveling on the crowded road, don’t lose heart. Ask God for help to get back to the right road. He will not follow down the crowded one, but He will show you how to get on the less traveled one.

His Word (the Bible) gives you road signs that will show you the way to go. So open up your Bible and read, but also keep walking.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Month 3 of Lose for the Fuse

Feb 27-March 26

Month 3 tip: Try eating at least 85% of meals at home. You are more likely to over eat and take in more calories when you eat at restaurants. Eat at home or if you are on the go, prepare you meals in advance. You’ll save on calories and cash.

Week 1: We went ice skating with the youth group. I fell twice. Once was so bad it knocked the wind out of me. I lost 2.6 pounds! Average jog 5.170

Week 2: I lost 1/2 pound. We ate out way too much this week. Average jog 5.199 miles

Week 3: I lost 1.1 pounds. Which is great! This week Jamie and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary at a B&B. I ate way too much. Now I have a nasty cold and haven’t done much exercise. I only ran 2 days this week. Average run 5.287 miles

Week 4: Monday the 22nd we went swimming for an hour. I lost 1.5 pounds. Average jog in place 5.211

Lost total of 5.7 pounds!

Now let’s see if I met any goals this month. Nope! But oh well. Not going to complain.

Next month’s goals are: 1) lose at least 5 pounds. 2) jog 5.5 miles or higher at least once, this month.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Month 2 for Lose For the Fuse

Month 2 tip: Try to drink at least a liter of water a day. That’s 2 16.9 oz bottles of water. Drink more if you are sweating. I drink about 2 liters a day. 1 during work-outs and 1 rest of the day.

Jan 29-Feb26

Week 1: I’m jogging about 5 miles in 30 min. My Biggest Loser work out has been upgraded to moderate instead of light. Oh, boy jumping jacks and jump rope. Oh goodie! Not I hate doing these things, but I’ll get through them. My allotted calorie intake is 1568. My average jog is 4.98 miles. I lost 2.2 pounds!

Week 2: I jogging about 5.274 miles on average this week. I added 18 min of Wii boxing 2 days a week. I love boxing! I wish we had a place that I could put up a punching bag, but the Wii will have to do. I lost 2.2 pounds! Mon Feb 8 I jogged 5.832 miles. I was irritated that morning. I wish I could get irritated like that every morning; I’d be ready for a marathon in no time.

Week 3: My average jog this week is 5.043 miles. I lost 1.1 pounds. This week was hard, with my birthday and Valentines Day. Lots of chocolate! Mmm chocolate! My motivation was not there this week either. May be next week will be better.

Week 4: My average jog this week is 5.144 miles. I didn’t box this week. Still not much motivation. I lost 1.5 pounds.

So the grand total of pounds for this month is: 7 pounds, not my goal of 11 but I’m happy with it. So with last month’s and this month’s total, I’ve lost 15.8 pounds. Only 59.2 pounds to go! I’m only .5 pound off my monthly average goal.

I’m now getting rid of most of my 14 size jeans, and replacing them with size 13, soon to be 12. I love Goodwill! But man is it hard to find size 13 jeans there. Last night I bought a pair of 12s just because there were no 13s.

On Feb 8 I blew away my jogging goal of 5.5 miles so at least I met one goal!

My March goal is similar to Feb.’s goal. Jogging 5.5 miles in 30 minutes at least 2 times this month. My weight goal is to lose 10 pounds.

Come back around April 1 to see how I’ve done.

Stay healthy and happy,


Monday, February 1, 2010

Lose for the Fuse month 1

Month 1: Jan 1-Jan 28

Month 1 tip: Sing while exercising. You breathe deeper, take in more oxygen, improve aerobic ability, and release muscle tension. Tones Abs and simulates circulation.

Okay month 1 is done. Here is the skinny on how it went. (pun intended)

Week 1: I concentrated on counting calories. I started doing the Biggest Loser for the Wii. I lost 3 pounds! Yeah me!

Week 2: I still concentrated on counting calories and did the Biggest Loser for about ½ hr a day. I gained 1 pound back. This is due to the fact that I ate at a Chinese buffet one night for dinner. Then the next night made chicken enchiladas with Velveeta cheese. Yuck!

Week 3: Still counting calories, but I added 30 minutes of jogging in place (Wii fit). I lost 5 pounds! Yeah me!:0)

Week 4: Keeping track of calorie intake and jogging (30 min) and Biggest Loser (about 30 min with warm up and cool down). I like the Wii Fit’s weight tracking better than Biggest Loser. It’s more precise. I’ll be switching to it. I lost 1.8 pounds. Not bad for starting my period. This may be TMI (Too much info) for some, so sorry but weight lose effects every part of you. My period this month was so much lighter and less cramping. Don’t know if it’s from hardly any pop or the fact that I’ve been drinking more water or maybe both.

I’m averaging about 4.2 miles in my 30 minutes of jogging. On Thur. Jan 28 I jogged 4.976 miles. Remember, this is jogging in place. It is a bit harder to road jog.

SOO Drum roll, please: This month I lost a total of 8.8 pound this month. Ending weight 194.2 pounds. Only 66.2 to go!

Feb. goal: lose 11 pounds and jog 5.5 miles.
Check back next around March 1 to see how I did!

Stay healthy,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lose for the Fuse

I hope everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s were happy and safe.
Over the next 9 months I will be growing…before you start to jump to conclusions let me finish…I will be growing thinner. I am going to part of a fund raiser for a local radio station. (For more info on the fund raiser or the station please visit http://www.myfuse.com)
Over the past 15 years I have put on right around 75 pounds. My kids have never known a thin mom, and I miss the thin me, so I have pledged to donate $1 for ever pound I lose to the Fuse, for the next 9 months. My goal is to lose about 8-10 pounds a month. I will be posting monthly updates.
I am starting at 200 pounds. Please pray for me. I get board with things quickly, and lose interest. I’m hoping with a little variety that will be remedied, but please pray, nonetheless.
Love you all,