Thursday, July 23, 2009

Okay Why “Missy”?

I have many names and nicknames. “Missy” happens to be one. My son Christopher couldn’t have been more than 8. In his best grown-up voice he was giving me a lecture about something. When he realized I wasn’t paying much attention he said, with his hands on his hips, and I quote , “You’d better listen to me, Missy, or you’re going to be in big trouble!” I lost it! I started laughing so hard I almost cried. “Missy” has stuck with me since then. Does anyone else have a funny story about a nickname? I’d love to hear it! Post stories in the comments section.


  1. Oh, when somebody in my family calls me "missy" I'm in trouble!

    Latayne C Scott

    PS cool new blog!

  2. Thanks for visiting Latayne! Hope you come back to visit soon!

  3. Hi Missy:'s not particularly funny...and it's not a nickname. But, I'll share anyway.

    When my grand daugher was a wee, tiny thing, she loved to come to my house and play with all the curios, some were valuable. She promised to be gentle and she was. This time became so intriguing, that she would beg my son to take her to my house to play with "Nana's Things."

    My daughter & I started a gift basket business and there was no question - we named it "Nana's Things"!

    in the light,