Thursday, July 23, 2009

What do my son Erick and Donald Trump have in common?

Give up? “You’re fired!” Okay we all know the Donald is famous for saying this on his TV show, but what you don’t know is this: Way before the show, Erick would say “You’re fired!” if he was mad at you or he didn’t like what you said. The first time he said it, I had scolded him about something. I had sent him to the “time out” chair. He turned around and looked at me with total disgust and said “You’re fired!” with more emotion than Don could ever muster. When Erick got older, and the show was a big thing, I told him, “I wish we would have copyrighted ‘You’re fired!’” “Why, Momma?” “’Cause if we would’ve, we’d be rich.” “Oh, you mean, because of the guy on TV with the silly hair?” “Yup, because of him.” Has your child ever said something you wished that you would have copyrighted? Let me know about it! Post them in the comments section.

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