Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Writing Assignments and Life

The other day I read a fellow home school mom’s blog. She was talking about teaching her children a Bible memory verse. Well, as I read what verse it was. I thought “We may have learned it, but I think it’s time to revisit it”. So instead of relearning the verse, I had the boys read it and write a short paragraph as to how they could apply it to their lives.

One particular son has gotten into the habit of arguing and complaining about anything. So, we(he and I) are working to help each other.

BTW my last post was an interview with Mary DeMuth. In the next few weeks I will be posting book reviews for 2 of her books. One of which will be releasing very soon.


  1. You really got something right there I think. Many, many years ago when I was in public school and we never really heard about homeschooling, one of my biggest beefs was the issue of application. We were being served platters of information and rote, but I kept wondering "when am I ever going to need any of this?" Even back then I wondered why practical application wasn't a part of the educational process. I didn't just what teachers to tell just about the "what", but I needed to now why the knowledge was necessary and how I could use it in my life. A lot of it I just had to learn on my own and much of it later in life.
    Gratefully when and where I was attending school we were still doing school prayer and Bible readings (despite court rulings) and there was a much stronger value system in place. I'm thankful that my daughters survived their public school experiences relatively morally intact, but I don't know how much hope I hold for future generations.


  2. Thank you Lee for the comment. I too stuggled with the "application" of what I was being taught in our public school. I try to show my sons how they will or can use what they're learning, in real life. We live in a small town that my husband and I both grew up in. I can see a difference now in the school system then when I graduated 15 years ago. It's truely sad.