Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Month 3 of Lose for the Fuse

Feb 27-March 26

Month 3 tip: Try eating at least 85% of meals at home. You are more likely to over eat and take in more calories when you eat at restaurants. Eat at home or if you are on the go, prepare you meals in advance. You’ll save on calories and cash.

Week 1: We went ice skating with the youth group. I fell twice. Once was so bad it knocked the wind out of me. I lost 2.6 pounds! Average jog 5.170

Week 2: I lost 1/2 pound. We ate out way too much this week. Average jog 5.199 miles

Week 3: I lost 1.1 pounds. Which is great! This week Jamie and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary at a B&B. I ate way too much. Now I have a nasty cold and haven’t done much exercise. I only ran 2 days this week. Average run 5.287 miles

Week 4: Monday the 22nd we went swimming for an hour. I lost 1.5 pounds. Average jog in place 5.211

Lost total of 5.7 pounds!

Now let’s see if I met any goals this month. Nope! But oh well. Not going to complain.

Next month’s goals are: 1) lose at least 5 pounds. 2) jog 5.5 miles or higher at least once, this month.

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