Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 1

tent comm by airport
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We arrived in Haiti around 10:00 am. Eddie picked us up. He could only take 4 of us plus the luggage. So Lonna, Ciera, Lonnie, and Peggy went with the luggage. Pastor Ron, Libby, Steve, Gerald, and I waited for Eddie to back and pick us up. The airport in Port Au Prince is a busy, BUSY place! Nothing like the airports in the State: it’s small and controlled chaos! (more chaos not so much control!)
Baggage pick up is “every man for himself!” There are no carousels! The luggage goes from the plane to the back of a truck. Then it’s driven to the airport and unloaded onto the floor. 100’s of people picking through luggage on the floor.
Outside the airport is almost as chaotic and even less control. There are men who push their way to you so they can push your luggage carts. “I help you”.
We waited for what seemed like forever. Eddie finally came. We had to go shopping for the matteresses the 9 of us were to sleep, and a few other things.
Just as we were leaving the airport there is a tent community.

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