Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 9

outside of My Heart's Home
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The house is not real far from the Haiti Home Depot. We went up the worst dirt road ever, around a sharp corner, and up some more. The road is more like a very rocky two-track.
The house is HUGE!

In this pic are the table and benches we made while there.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 9

Haitian art dealer
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Traveling through the business district was awesome! Eddie said a lot of the women sell their used clothing to make $ to support their families. I wanted to get out and shop but we kept moving. We past many Haitian art dealers.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 8

man fixing road
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I saw a few men repairing some potholes with rubble from the quake!

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 7

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After we left the mattress factory, we went to the store for water. Libby, Gerald, Eddie’s daughter, and I stayed in the car. Poor Steve was still out in the trailer, baking in the sun! After the grocery store, we had one more stop…the Haitian version of Home Depot. This place too had armed guards. I saw many U.N. soldiers.

We have nothing to complain about, when it comes to the roads in the States. Haitian roads are very bad. IDK if it is from the quake or if they were always like that.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 6

libby & edy's daughter @ matteress factory
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By this time we had picked up Eddie’s daughter from school. She’s eight and will be on summer break soon. The earth quake delayed school for a few months. This is Libby March playing with her at the mattress factory.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 5

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The mattress factory was in the same compound as the local scrap yard. It was a locked facility with armed guards. As we drove in, two large trucks, one on each side passed us. I could have touched the truck on my side, just by reaching out the window just a few inches. Gerald laughed when I said, “WOW!”

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 4

road traffic
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cars trying to get in your spot. At least you never go every fast!

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 4

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Steve rode is Eddy’s trailer, which is only a little bigger than our 4-wheeler trailer. Haitian traffic is INSANE! More controlled chaos! People riding in or on tap-taps

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 3

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We had to wait for Pastor Ron, Steve, and Eddie. The propane guy wouldn’t take US $ only Haiti. This man is carrying what I assume is all of his belongings.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 2

tent comm by airprt
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As you can see they are so close together. There is very little room to walk between the tents.

Monday Aug 9 Haiti adventure day 2 part 1

tent comm by airport
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We arrived in Haiti around 10:00 am. Eddie picked us up. He could only take 4 of us plus the luggage. So Lonna, Ciera, Lonnie, and Peggy went with the luggage. Pastor Ron, Libby, Steve, Gerald, and I waited for Eddie to back and pick us up. The airport in Port Au Prince is a busy, BUSY place! Nothing like the airports in the State: it’s small and controlled chaos! (more chaos not so much control!)
Baggage pick up is “every man for himself!” There are no carousels! The luggage goes from the plane to the back of a truck. Then it’s driven to the airport and unloaded onto the floor. 100’s of people picking through luggage on the floor.
Outside the airport is almost as chaotic and even less control. There are men who push their way to you so they can push your luggage carts. “I help you”.
We waited for what seemed like forever. Eddie finally came. We had to go shopping for the matteresses the 9 of us were to sleep, and a few other things.
Just as we were leaving the airport there is a tent community.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Haiti Adventure Day 1

Sunday Aug. 8

We left Mt. Pleasant around 2:30 am. I road in Pastor Ron’s car with 4 guys, 3 of which I’ve never met. It was an interesting ride to Detroit. All they talked about was cars, assembly line work…oh and we did some Bible trivia as we approached the airport.

At the airport we weighed our luggage. Some of which was over weight. The weight limit was 50 pounds, so Lonna took charge and took a few things out of the over weight bags and added them to my under weight bag.
Then because our layover was more than 12 hours, we had to PAY for our checked luggage. I only had one bag so I only paid $35. I sat with Libby on the plane to Miami. She is a photo journalist/CMU student. Check out her blog to see more Haiti pics. http://www.libbymarch.blogspot.com

The flight was uneventful. When we got to the Miami airport it was controled chaos. We didn’t have reservations for a hotel room, so those who had brought laptops and cell phones searched for hotels. One was finally found. Then we had to load all 750 pounds of luggage on to a shuttle bus.

BTW it was raining in Miami. Haven’t seen much of SUNNY Miami.

At the hotel we have to wait for our rooms so we go to Bennigan’s for lunch. After checking into our rooms. We, five girls, crash. I don’t think we will make it to the beach, but the hotel has an out door pool. Maybe if it stops storming we can so swimming! It is a bit humid, but not bad!

Lord, I pray for our team. I pray for good, sound rest tonight. Father I pray that You will protect us as we travel to Haiti in the morning. Father, I also pray that we keep giving each other grace and have patience with each other.

Father, please protect Jamie, Erick, and Topher. 10 days is really not THAT long! Father…one last thing…I pray that I will not only connect with staff and children, but also the team. Libby and I seem to have been placed together for whatever purpose You have chosen. I think I have connected with her the most so far.