Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Through the Motions

Isaiah 1:2, 10-20

Judah had rebelled against God (1:2). What did they do? They were just going through the motions…and God was tired of it (1:14-15). He wouldn’t even listen to their prayers (1:15).

They were still meeting, sacrificing, and giving, but their hearts weren’t in it. Apparently, they weren’t taking care of their poor and needy (1:17). God’s chastisement was to make the nation suffer (1:5-7).
God is very clear on how to end the suffering. You have to be willing and obedient (1:19).

If we as Christians forget our needy we are no different from Judah of the Old Testament. God will chastise us.

Read James 1:27

Read Zechariah 7 to see what God did to those who didn’t care for the needy.

Need some suggestions:
1) Visit or call a widow.
2) Secretly pay a bill for a widow or single parent.
3) Take a single parent’s children to the park for the afternoon.
4) Write an encouraging note.
5) Sponsor an orphan over seas.
6) Become a foster parent.
7) Adopt .
8) Help an organization that helps orphans/widows.
The list of possibilities is endless! Be creative!

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